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Drinking tea just got a lot simpler with our teabag teapot set. Treat yourself to a wonderful time of sipping tea from this lovely teapot set while you relax and unwind after a days work.

Simply choose a tea of your choice ranging from $16.50 - $17.50 to add onto the teapot set! Original set price is $69.90, now selling at $60 - while stocks last.

Gift sets come with free delivery. 

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1 x Mandarin Teabag Teapot

A unique design made especially for tea bags to prevent over steeping with a mess-free built-in tea bag rest. The lid stays in place as it pours smoothly. The teapot is made of porcelain for maximum quality and function.
Enjoy it with your favorite tea bag for a moment of tranquility.

x Mandarin Tea Cup

A beautiful tea cup that is ideally-suited companion to your Teabag Teapot.

1 x Choice of Tea

Choose a tea ranged between $16.50 - $17.50 when purchasing a teapot set at a discounted price.

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Pack content