Intro to Tea

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, yet this everyday drink is far from ordinary. At Allerines Tea, we believe that a good cup of tea will not only brighten your mornings, refresh you afternoons, it will also warm your nights.

Camellia Sinensis - The mother of all Tea.

Little known to most, all teas (black, green, white, oolong and pu’er) originate from an evergreen tropical plant called Camellia Sinensis. This unique plant thrives in hot climates and moist soil that is usually found at high elevations. Similar to wine, different tea leaves developed in different geographical locations gives off unique characteristics due to the varying soil composition and local weather patterns.

Tisanes on the other hand are herbal and fruit infusions like Chamomile, Rooibos and Lavender that does not derive from the Camellia Sinensis and are caffeine free. So for the record, it is safe to say that all non-caffeinated ‘Teas’ are in fact tisanes. But through the years, people have started lumping them together and calling them decaffeinated teas. Well, we’re not complaining as long as it’s a good cuppa tea.

Processing the differences

The different ways of processing creates the different kinds of teas. All teas undergo the same process of plucking, withering and steaming, rolling, oxidation and drying.

In general, the more oxidized the tea, the darker the infusion will be. With white and green teas being oxidized the least, the color of these teas are lighter as compared to black teas that undergo complex and lengthy processing that involves full oxidation.

After which, these teas can be further enhanced through herbal infusions and blending methods that adds both flavor and health benefits. Herbal infusions like chamomile assists in insomnia or stomach discomfort, while hibiscus promotes general well being with its vitamin c content. (More on the benefits later on)

Allerines Tea believes that tea is more than a just a beverage, it gives you a choice of many varieties and health benefits that nature has to offer, so we say drink up for goodness sake!