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White tea: The ultimate health drink

Allerines Premium Tea: Delightful White Tea

This low-caffeine tea has several benefits.

What is it?

White tea, grown and harvested in the Chinese province of Fujian, is the least processed of all teas. The leaves are simply steamed and dried – green tea leaves are steamed then fired, while black tea leaves undergo the greatest levels of processing. The less processing a tea undergoes, the more beneficial compounds it retains.

White tea contains a low level of caffeine – about 15mg per serve, depending on how long it is steeped for. In contrast, green tea contains about 20mg to 30mg per serve and black tea 40mg to 60mg.

White tea is naturally sweet and is served without milk. There are three main varieties:

  • Silver needle: The highest quality of the white teas, made from the buds only.
  • White peony: Contains both buds and leaves and is stronger in taste and colour than silver needle.
  • Long life eyebrow: Made from the leftover leaves after silver needle and white peony have been harvested.

The pros

  • A 2009 study at the UK’s Kingston University found white tea’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties could reduce the risks of heart disease, some cancers and rheumatoid arthritis, and may also slow the breakdown of the skin’s elastin and collagen.
  • Researchers at Oregon State University in the US found white tea’s high polyphenol content makes it more effective than green tea at inhibiting DNA mutations, which may help to fight cancer.
  • Because of its high levels of catechins (another group of antioxidants), white tea is said to help lower cholesterol levels and strengthen the immune system. It also has high levels of the amino acid theanine, which has relaxation and mood-enhancing properties.

The Cons

  • White tea’s caffeine content is low but watch your intake if you are sensitive to caffeine.
  • Because it is rarer than other teas it can be more expensive and difficult to track down. You’ll find the tea bags in most supermarkets and the loose leaves in specialist shops.


Credits to Linda Drummond First published: September 4th, 2011 -,14037

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