Which tea is for me?


A World of Choices

At Allerines Tea, we pride ourselves with providing an ample range of tea to our customers, so customers can choose exactly what they like and enjoy the goodness it brings.

The problem arises when there are just too many choices. Firstly, I would like to say, it’s usually a good problem to have more choices than none, and one of the many ways of narrowing down your choices is by which time of the day you would like to consume your tea.

Mornings: Like most people, a perk me up is needed in the mornings, a drink that is slightly higher is caffeine content would do just the trick. Usually we would recommend a nice black tea like Snowy Oolong or Strawberry Shortcake and it would give you that boost in the mornings.

Afternoons: After lunch on a warm afternoon it’s usually a time when we need a nice light drink to soothe. We would then recommend that you steep a nice cup of Gingerish, Dancing Flowers or Bohemian Raspberry to soothe not just the tummy but also to ease you back into the flow of work. ;)

Tea Time: A well-liked time of the day for many! It’s nearing the end of the day and feels almost like the last lap where you either sprint to finish your work or just chill till its knock off time. Well, then start boiling the water because there are some delightful teas that we’re about to recommend. Teas such as Vanilla Caramel Dream, Irish Chocolate and Orange Sorbet are simply amazing dessert teas that are fit for Kings and Queens.

Evenings & Bed Time: An all-natural non-caffeinated drink is just what is needed during this time of the evening. Anything from our Herbal and Rooibos categories would do just great, but our personal favorites are Counting Sheep, Lemon Tart and Sweet Dreams.

Of course there are a lot of more teas to choose from apart from the ones mentioned above, but it takes time to find out what tea would suit you best and the only way is to try more varieties and/or consult us for a more customized recommendation. We’re all ears (call us!) and eyes (email or webchat with us!)

Enjoy your brew!