Tea Bags vs. Loose Tea

A man named Thomas Sullivan

For many centuries, tea has always been drunk in loose form, until an unexpected discovery by Thomas Sullivan, a tea and coffee merchant from New York City. In an attempt to save sampling costs, Thomas decided to send loose tea in small silk pouches, which was intended to be removed before steeping. Potential customers on the other hand thought it was a new form of packaging and steeped the entire bag of tea. So in as early as 1904, tea bags have started being a common form of packaging for tea and tea drinkers have since enjoyed the conveniences it has brought ever since.

Best of both worlds

Connoisseurs of tea would most definitely agree that loose tea is better than tea dust. Well, at Allerines Premium Tea we believe so too.

Ordinary tea bags that are filled with tea dust just isn't good enough. Hence, we’ve combined the best of both worlds and placed loose leaf tea into pyramid tea bags. A perfect combination of quality meets efficiency for the busy individuals who would enjoy a good cup of tea without having to deal with the messy tealeaves after steeping.

Allerines Premium Tea ensures that only the best large leaf tea is selected and placed into an amply spaced pyramid tea bag where tea leaves can unfurl to its fullest potential during steeping and as a result attain better tasting premium tea.